Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions

New for 2022/23 we will be delivering Asthma and EpiPen Training Asthma and EpiPen Training in a 1-hour slot.


This session is an introduction into how childhood Asthma effects pupils. It will look into background, understanding, recognition, treatment, care plans and trouble shooting and is an opportunity for colleagues to share experiences and ask questions.

EpiPens Auto-adrenaline injectors (including EpiPens).

An information session of approximately 45 minutes about auto adrenaline injectors for pupils prescribed these for anaphylaxis. We will look at understanding, prevention, recognition, and treatment within the school context. Attendees should have a copy of the national auto-adrenaline injector care plan that the pupil should have from their consultant.





Course description

This training will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams.

Booking information

Cost to Somerset Maintained Schools: £16.50 per person.

Cost to all others including Academies: £21.00 per person.

Audience information

All schools.

Course information

4 March, 2024 from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm

Online delivery

1 hours

£16.50-£21 per person


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