In-House Team Working

The aim of this 3 hour workshop is to develop the cohesiveness of an established team, and to develop how well they work towards an agreed common sense of purpose. The workshop is aimed at any team that has been formed for a while and recognises the value in taking its existing skills to the next level in order to clarify objectives or areas of accountability, improve skills such as creativity, problem solving skills and team prioritisation, or develop working relationships.





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The content examines the key criteria that underpins a high performing team, allows the team to build an awareness of its strengths and areas for development. The programme includes a fun, interesting and wide range of activities, including videos, practical exercises, quizzes and ranking challenges, and concludes with individual and group action planning. All participants are required to consider their strengths and areas for development prior to the session

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This course can be delivered in your setting or virtually for all your staff.

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Any existing team

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Dillington House, Ilminster

3 Hours

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Graham Norris

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